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Homemade Whip Cream Recipe




5 minutes




1 Servings



  1. Unscrew the top of the dispenser and replace with the desired tip. Make sure that this is securely connected to the canister. The O-ring or gasket must also be in place on the underside of the head.
  2. Pour in your cream mixture, do not overfill. 
  3. Screw in the top evenly and firmly onto the canister taking care to avoid cross-threading. Place your whipper charger into the holder with the smallest end facing upwards. Gently twist the charger holder onto the head of the canister until you hear a hiss as the gas starts to be released.
  4. Shake the dispenser a few times, and turn it upside down. Dispense by pressing the lever at the top as required. If the cream is too runny, shake the dispenser a couple of times before repressing the lever.
  5. When the canister is empty, discharge any remaining pressure over a sink and unscrew the top.
  6. Discard the charger and use a small brush to clean out any residue from the nozzle.


The following items are items that I personally use and recommend to make this recipe.
Order supplements through my Fullscript store
Order supplements through my Fullscript store.

A basic homemade whip cream recipe that makes the cake! Whip cream is so easy to make with only 3 ingredients and done in 5 minutes.


This easy homemade whip cream is so good you won’t ever go back to store bought! I make a batch almost every week since I use it in my daily americano instead of creamer. It is what I look forward to when I wake up.

Another awesome thing about this recipe is homemade whip cream is also really fun to experiment with.

Check out these fun homemade whip cream recipe ideas:

Personal recommendation:

  • heavy whipping cream – I have been using heavy whipping cream vs whipping cream. I like the texture and flavor better! I tried to use coconut milk and it sadly clogged the canister.
  • sugar– I use powdered sugar but maple syrup and honey can also work for a little different flavor.
  • add-ins– My favorite is Tahitian vanilla extract. It goes with my coffee and every dessert!


Honorable mentions:

How does a whip cream canister work?

Cream whippers work by using small chargers filled with compressed nitrous oxide to aerate the liquid of your choice, and force it through a nozzle at the top. The chargers of nitrous oxide are small metal cartridges that need to be slipped into the sleeve of the canister. The sleeve is then carefully screwed into the side of the canister until the gas is released. When the trigger or lever is pressed in, the compressed gas mixes with the liquid to produce a foam.

Recipes to add whip cream to:

Pies, Crisps, Cakes, Cupcakes: My favorite is Peach Crisp

Hot chocolate



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